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20 May, LA Lakers v Phoenix Suns Game 2 Preview And Betting Tips

lakers v suns prediction

The LA Lakers host Phoenix Suns in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals looking to take a 2-0 lead before the series move to Arizona. Kobe had a spectacular performance in Game 1 scoring 40 points, and Phil Jackson rested him for most of the 4th quarter, as the Lakers were doing quite well even without him. Lamar Odom had a big night scoring 15 points in the first 15 minutes of the game to eventually end with 19 points and 19 rebounds. The Suns on the other hand were at their usual level and they looked a bit nervous at times, not believing in their own capabilities.

Game 2 should provide a tougher test for the Lakers as Suns can’t possibly play any worse than what they did in the series opener. It was the Phoenix bench that didn’t deliver on that night, as they Frey and Dudley missed a lot of shots they normally make. Chanin Frye was 1 from 8 from the field, and 0-7 from 3-point range. Dudley was 1-5 3PM-A. Grant Hill didn’t look sharp either as he had a really quite night.

Lakers shot almost 60% from the field in Game 1 which is as good as it gets for them, while the Suns were about 50%, but their 3-point game which is what they rely on was missing big time. Suns were just 2 from 22 from 3-point range and you can certainly expect them to be much more accurate today which will seriously cut the 21 point difference from the final score in Game 1.

The Suns have to get much better in the paint because that’s where the Lakers live. The Big players that LA have make a big part of that difference between the two sides. The Suns shouldn’t be underestimated but they will have to tighten their defense, get some pace in their game and with such great finishers like Amare and Jason Richardson they can certainly cause a lot of troubles in Hollywood tonight.In terms of NBA predictions, rebounding is going to be a big factor in Game 2 but fact is that LAL have the upper hand in that category.

LA Lakers v Phoenix Suns Game 2 Prediction: There is little doubt that Lakers will win Game 2 and it seems that the only question remaining here how big will the difference be at the end.

Phoenix Suns @ LA Lakers Over 215,5 @ 1,88 – With Suns improving behind the arc, they should score more than in Game 1 which should help the game go over 215 points.

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