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2012 NBA Champion Prediction: Are We In Store For A Heat v Thunder NBA Final?


The 2012 NBA season has entered its decisive stage. The Conference Finals have been set now, with Miami playing Boston in the East, while San Antonio battle Oklahoma City in the West side. At this moment, the main question in the minds of all basketball fans worldwide is what will the 2012 NBA be, and who will be the team to win it all. At least in our expertise, the absolute best NBA prediction you can get at this point is that the Heat will eliminate Celtics and reach the Finals for a second straight year. But predicting the Western Champion appears to be much more difficult, at least as things stand right now.

It’s the essence of our website to provide the most accurate sports betting tips and NBA predictions in particular, so we take our time to examine what has happened in the league so far, and what is about to take place in the next month or so. On the East side, things are once again looking good for the Heat. Wade and LeBron trashed Indiana with their spectacular two-men show. A lot of people had started to doubt them, especially Wade, but after seeing how they performed since Miami was down 1-2 in the series, fans in Florida (not the Magic ones of course) have definitely got their optimism back.

LeBron has been in real MVP mode from the beginning of the postseason, but a lot of folks had their reasonable doubts about D-Wade. At some point, it appear that he had lost his explosiveness, hops and even his confidence. He was held scoreless for the entire first half of Game 3 against Indiana. But the guy exploded in next three games, which resulted in Miami turning things around to proceed to the East Finals. If Wade manages to stay away from injuries and maintains his current, spectacular form, then the Heat are in pole position to win the title.

The key to accurately predicting the 2012 NBA Finals is the status of Chris Bosh. He is currently suffering from an abdominal strain without a clear indication as to when he will return. It could be in Game 1 against the C’s, but it he might even miss the remainder of the Playoffs. According to medical experts, such is the nature of this type of injury that no one can tell at that point anything for certain.

In light of this 2012 NBA Finals prediction, we have to say that it would be difficult for Miami to eliminate Boston. The Celtics are a resilient and an experienced group of players, been there, done all that. Plus, they caused the Heat a lot of trouble in the regular season, winning three games out of four. However, our NBA Finals prediction for 2012 is for the Heat to be there, because they are younger, and should have Bosh available probably after two or three games into the series. Even without Bosh, they are still good enough to beat the green team.

LeBron is playing out of his mind, Wade is looking vintage rather than worn out, the role players like Miller, Chalmers, Battier, Anthony are all doing a decent job. Anthony is viewed by Miami fans as the chief commander of their defense, while the rest of the guys have the responsibility of spreading the ball and connecting on James’ great passes to convert from long distance.

The problem for the Celtics and the main reason for our 2012 NBA Finals prediction featuring Miami, is that Ray Allen has seriously deteriorated in terms of his production. He is just not the same threat anymore. Bradley, who was very effective in guarding Wade during the regular season meetings is now out for the remainder of this postseason as his shoulder requires a surgical intervention. With us expecting Bosh to return at some point in the series, the Heat should have the edge and advance, although it would take six or even seven games for them to do that.

The hardest prediction for this NBA postseason is who will come out of the West. The teams with the two best records go head to head, and while OKC have energy and youth on their side, the advantage that the Spurs possess is their deadly 3-point shot, combined with a deeper bench. However, the Thunder will be looking to prove they’ve learned their lessons from last year’s elimination at the same stage by another well organized team in the likes of Dallas.

At the end though, we just might be in store for a spectacular 2012 NBA Finals between Miami Heat and OKC Thunder. Arguably the two best players in the game right now in LeBron and Durant going at it. What more can the real basketball fans hope for? Indeed, with all my respect to the Spurs and their great team basketball, they had their time, won 4 titles, now we want to see Heat v Thunder. Come on!

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