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12:08am (UK) Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat – Do Or Die Time For Wade & Co

It’s Do or Die Time for Wade and company as they play what could be their last game of the season against Boston Celtics tonight. The Celtics have 3-1 lead in these best of 7 series thus they need just one more win to reach the next round. A loss for Miami Heat tonight would mean that Wade and his teammates can go fishing.

This could in fact be Dwayne Wade’s last game in a Heat uniform as there are serious speculations he will leave in search for a better team that could fight for an NBA Championship. Wade said he will “probe the free agency market” meaning that he will consider all the offers he gets, which would most likely be from the Bulls and New York Knicks as they have the highest salary caps this summer.

But back to the game tonight.Wade exploded in Game 4 scoring 46 points including 5 three pointers from just 7 attempts. It was a great performance by a great player but Heat can’t rely just on a single player and shouldn’t expect Wade to score 40+ points and carry the entire team on his shoulder every night. It’s obvious that for Heat to win against the Celtics at their own building tonight, they will need another extraordinary performance by Wade and if he does have a great game, Heat have every chance of winning.

Here is the official Game 5 Lookahead from

BetOnWins Prediction: Wade won’t go down quietly so our pick is on the +7.5 point handicap for Miami Heat!

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