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15 November, NBA Pick: OKC Thunder at Utah Jazz Prediction

It has been just too much Jazz lately with OKC Thunder traveling to Utah tonight for a match up against Derron Williams and his teammates. This is one of the best NBA betting picks for the 15th of November. Utah Jazz are going through an amazing period, in fact what they have been doing lately is so incredible that it just needs to stop right away. The Jazz have won their last 5 games in a row and what’s more remarkable is that they were losing by double digits at Half Time in all these games, except for the one against Atlanta where they were down by 3 at the break.

Accurate NBA Picks are all about making good analysis and the point is that the Jazz-men have been riding their luck lately and it’s bound to end sooner rather than later. They are playing some really good basketball though, proving all doubters wrong. You have to give them credit for that. After parting with Carlos Boozer, everyone thought that the Utah will fell apart but head coach Jerry Sloan know his business and knows exactly what type of players he needs to get the job done. He has a great eye for undeveloped talent and did a great job over the summer by bringing in Al Jefferson. Paul Milsap has also been making headlines with his remarkable performances, but then again, it has been just too much luck for the Jazz lately which makes us favor the OKC Thunder to surprise them tonight and finally put an end to their run, which indeed is the essence of our Thunder at Jazz prediction.

Let’s just review Utah’s last five matches. First they defeated the Clips at home after losing by 18 points at the break and taking the game to double Over Time. Then came the even more shocking win against the Heat in Miami, again after trailing by as many as 20 points and taking the game to OT. And if that wasn’t enough, the Jazz men played a familiar tune in Orlando where they upset the Magic, again after trailing by double digits. It’s almost as if they have been pulling magic tricks out of a hat and still the hat goes deeper. D-Will pulled off another miracle as he scored the game winner with 0.8 seconds left on the clock against the Bobcats last Saturday (96-95), again with Jazz trailing by 18 points at the break. So we are talking about something totally unseen – 5 straight comeback wins!

However, we feel that tonight the Thunder will come away with the win in Utah for several key reasons. First of all, there is balance in sports and when you win with that much luck, it eventually hits back at you. Jazz have won 7 of their last 8 games, 5 of them comebacks, 2 wins in Over Time (against Clippers and Heat), and 1 game winning shot in the last second! We say enough is enough, because the young guns from Oklahoma are coming to town tonight and they certainly have what it takes to stop all that Jazz.

The Thunder are one of the better sides in the  NBA and that’s normal given that they have Kevin Durant in their lineup. Durant is the league’s leading scorer for 2nd straight season as he is currently averaging 28.4 PPG. Durant is simply unstoppable with the ball in his hands and he usually plays very well against the Jazz too. He has dropped 34.8 points per game during the last four games versus Utah.

But KD is not the only reason to pick the visitors in this Thunder at Jazz prediction. Russel Westbrook is there as well and he is turning into one of the best Point Guards in the league. He is fast, has good mid-range shot, delivers good passes and most of all is able to drive to the basket and dunk on anybody. He is one of the most spectacular players in the NBA right now and him and Durant were the MVPs on the US Basketball team that won the Gold medals at the World Championship in Turkey this summer.

But when it comes to the good players on the OKC roster, we are not stopping here. Jeff Green is back in the starting lineup after suffering an ankle injury. He played in last night’s loss to San Antonio and that defeat will serve as a motivation for the young Thunders. Serge Ibaka is a force in the paint able to dunk on people, rebound and is basically a very effective big player.When it comes to accurate NBA picks, it’s very important to have your money on teams which are actually good rather than trying to rely on weaker teams looking for their first W in a long time.

Another reason why we favor the visitors in this Thunder at Jazz prediction is the revenge factor that’s bound to kick in. Last season, the Jazz won this same game in Utah, in Over Time 140-139 and Durant was fouled on his a 3-point attempt (scored 45 points) in the last second but now foul was called. It was a bad ref mistake back then that denied Thunder the chance to get a deserved win (you can check a reply of that game bellow). Furthermore, the Jazz already beat them this season in Oklahoma, 120-99. Therefore, the OKC Thunder will be roaring here from the first jump ball.

OKC Thunder at Utah Jazz Prediction: Thunder have what it takes to win this game and the odds for them are definitely worth it. The Jazz have been just way too lucky lately and their run of 5 straight comeback wins is bound to end tonight!

Thunder to Win @ 3,10 on Money Line

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