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25 May, 2013 Champions League Final Prediction: Dortmund v Bayern

2013 champions league final prediction

The biggest game of the season in club football is always the UEFA Champions League Final and what makes this edition so unique is the presence of Germany’s two best teams squaring up on the most mythical English football ground (albeit its reconstruction). Bayern certainly deserve to be at that stage and their third Champions League finals appearance in the last for years while Dortmund’s presence is a major surprise. Still, both sides proved over the course of the season that they are the best in Europe right now and present a very dynamic and offensive style of play.

It’s a huge achievement for Germany’s Football Association and it’s definitely something that all countries should take as an example. It’s all a result of their efforts over the last decade to develop young local talents through excellent training facilities and modern coaching methods. But to focus on our 2013 UEFA Champions League Final prediction, despite the degree of difficulty involved here, we do have our insights and what would turn out to be accurate expectations.

Can Bayern Lose Three Consecutive CL Finals?

A lot of questions surround 2013 Champions League final. Bayern lost their last two appearances at this brightest stage. In 2010, they lost 2-0 to an Inter side led by Jose Mourinho. Last year they lost the final at home at the Alianz Arena in the most tragic fashion conceding a goal from corner in stoppage time only to lose by penalties after a goalless Extra Time. It was a huge upset for all the Bavarian fans. Just imagine how they would feel if they lose another final on May 25th, at Wembley, against their biggest national rival. The pain would be unbearable and such a night would probably turn one of the richest clubs in football into the biggest losers of all time. Such an outcome would certainly be a tragedy for Bayern and a fairy tale for Borussia.

Who Needs A New Coach After A Treble?

Another strange aspect of the 2013 Champions League Final is the future of Bayern afterwards. We all know that Josep Guardiola would be stepping in as head coach. But if Bayern win this match and get crowned Kings of Europe, in combo with their Bundesliga title and most likely a league Cup, why the hell would you want to replace Jupp Heinkes?! And in the case of Guardiola himself, such a situation that seems quite realistic would be an absolute lose-lose in a sense that things can only go downhill after winning a treble. It’s a really strange position that the Bavarians have set themselves up for.

“Striving for money shows how big your heart really is. Piss off Goetze”
2013 CL final

The topic of Mario Goetze has been well documented over the past month or so. Ever since it was announced that he has signed a deal that will make him a Bayern Munich player as of July 1st, 2013, Dortmund fans have naturally been quite negative towards him to say the least, but that is to be expected. It would have been quite weird to see him play in the Final and causing damage to his future employees, so in the typical nature of global football schemes, it was announced that Goetze would miss the big game, because of some injury. Without a doubt, he was a key player for Dortmund and one of our 2013 Champions League Final predictions is that he will be sorely missed. His absence is a major, major bonus for Bayern.

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