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2013 NBA Finals Predictions, Game 4: San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat

nba-finals-2013 predictions

The 2013 NBA Finals are in full swing now, and we bring you our Game 4 prediction for Spurs and Heat series. With San Antonio now just two home wins away from claiming their fifth NBA Championship in as many Finals appearances, the Miami Heat are in do-or-die situation heading into Game 4. No team in the history of the NBA Finals has managed to overcome a 3-1 deficit, and considering how solid this Spurs team is, we doubt that we can see a precedent this year. In other words, the Heat know that this game will make or break their entire season. LeBron will be carrying a huge burden going into tonight’s game knowing that he will be crucified if he loses three NBA Finals out of four. So once again we have a lot of potential x-factors and question marks surrounding the 2013 NBA Finals predictions between Spurs and Heat.

After the extremely close and absolutely classical Game 1, the last two contests have turned into blow-outs, particularly Game 3 in which the Heat recorded the third worst ever Finals defeat with a margin of 37 points. Normally, the Heat have managed to bounce back after such heavy losses, but considering how bad their stars have played in this series, nothing can be taken for granted right now. Greg Popovich has found the winning formula once again. Throughout this coaching career, he has always been able to identify the weakest points in every opponent and then concentrate his team’s efforts into exploiting that weakness. For example, in the Western conference finals against Memphis, he had his players force Randolph go right, and that made the game much harder for the left-handed player. Now, against Miami, they are daring LeBron to take jump shots instead of driving to the hole, and that strategy has been working perfectly.


Analyzing LeBron’s game is the key for this 2013 NBA Finals Game 4 prediction on June 13th. What the Spurs have been doing is packing the paint, leaving the unreliable James and Wade (in terms of mid range shooting) with wide open shots from the perimeter. As a result, both of them are usually deciding to take the shot and end up missing nearly 70% of these attempts. James did not have a single Free Throw attempt in the entire Game 3, and has had just six in total in these Finals. During the season, he was getting to the file line at least five times a game. Being able to get those easy points opens up his entire game and gives him much more confidence, but the situation right now looks a lot of like the finals against Dallas where he looked very passive to say the least. At the same time, Wade seems to be much more concerned about this pre-game outfits than his on-court performances. One of the best NBA Finals predictions is that Miami needs both Wade and James on top of their games in order to stand a chance against such a well-oiled machine as the Spurs.

Another important element about this Spurs v Heat G4 prediction is the condition of Tony Parker. The MRI revealed a sore right hamstring of first grade, which is actually the mildest level, so we expect him to play, but he will not be 100% fit. He is the go-to guy on this SAS team, and not just because of his scoring, but because he draws so many defenders when cutting into the paint freeing up all these sharp shooters positioned beyond the arch.

2013 NBA Finals Predictions, Game 4: HEAT to WIN @ 2.00.

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