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23 February, Tonight’s Best NBA Betting Tip: Knicks at Heat Prediction

Everyone that follows basketball has heard the name of Jeremy Lin by now. What has become more obvious now is that this guy ain’t no joke. Lin is indeed the real deal. There is consistency to his game. In fact, he is just getting better and better. The question today is – can the Knicks keep on Linning against the league’s best Miami Heat?

This is a special period on the NBA calendar. Tonight, February 22nd marks the last match day before the All Star break, so it’s traditionally one of the most talked-about period and generally teams want to go into that break on a good run of form. However, given the huge rivalry between New York and Miami, combined with the whole Linsantiy that’s going on round now and you get the recipe for a great night of NBA basketball. Fans worldwide and the players themselves are looking forward to that game. As Wade said: “The crowd is going to be into it. Fans around the world are going to watch the game, obviously, for many different reasons, so it’ll be great.”

Melo Anthony is just as pumped up as anybody and his interview yesterday he went on to confirm that Knicks are in it to win it:“It’s going to be a lot of, a lot of anticipation about this game. We’re going down there to win. Miami is playing great basketball right now. One of the hottest teams, if not the hottest team in the NBA.”

But as you all know, is about betting, providing sports insights and the most accurate NBA tips, handicaps and picks. In terms of all that, what’s interesting about this Knicks at Heat prediction is that the online bookies are favorizing Miami in a big, big way, and that could cost them a lot of money. See, in the world of sports betting and NBA predictions in particular, one has to know that out of all 30 teams in this league, at least 25 of them have the quality necessary to beat anybody should they be on top of their game. That’s just basketball. Nothing is 100% certain and as a person who wants to make some cash from the NBA, you have to know there are risks involved and that’s the biggest guarantee you can get.

The odds are seriously stacked against New York as the odds on them to win tonight are as high as 5.00 at online betting websites like Pinnacle, who generally give some of the best odds on basketball. Novibet is offering 5.10 for the Knicks on Money Line, and there is tremendous amount of value in that bet. Heat to win can be backed up at just 1.22, while the points spread is locked at -9.5 points. So you can directly snatch a 10-point advantage for NY at the odds of 1.90, and that’s as a sure bet as there can be.

Our point is that New York should not be written of so easily. The bookies are coming up with these odds based on Miami’s overall form, and it’s true that they are the league’s best team right now, playing great basketball, running up and down the floor like crazy, strong bench, possess a three point threat thanks to Chalmers, Miller, Jones, Cole, and LeBron.

But, New York have suddenly grown back to life. Lin has emerged and the guy ain’t no joke. He won them the Sunday game against the current NBA Champs scoring crucial threes in the fourth quarter on Nowitzki and Marion. He can drive the hoop almost like Rose. And now, he is showing he can be a distributor as he is averaging around 10 assists in his last 4-5 games. He has dropped his turnovers, which were a cause for concern at the start.

All of sudden, coach D’Anthony has a formed a strong second unit too. The Knicks brought JR Smith back from China, and he is showing some flashes of his scandalous brilliance. He can shoot the three, create off the dribble, drive to the hoop, dunk on people. He can do it all. Yet, he stills looks a bit shaky and nervous right as you can often see him firing blanks and just shots that are way off. But he will gradually settle and become more consistent. Novak is another Knicks player that is showing incredible improvement. He scored 14 points against Dallas and they all came in the 3rd quarter when the Knicks were down by 12.

Another serious player coming from the Knicks bench is Baron Davis. He is learning their system on the fly, as these games are like a training camp for him, because he missed all of the action till just last week. But his passing ability is still there, his leadership, shot and ability to create situations.

So when you sum up all the good players that the Knicks have right now, one understands that they can definitely compete against Miami. Even in their last game at Miami (about a month ago) when they didn’t have Melo, Lin, JR Smith, and Davis available, they were still in the game till late in the 4th quarter where Miami pulled away won 99-89, so to give New York a +9.5 spread tonight is just a gift.

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