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30 April, Today’s Top Champions League Prediction: Real v Borussia

real v borussia prediction

The 2012/13 edition of the UEFA Champions League is turning into one of the most bizarre and surprising instances of this competition given that Real and Barca were favorites to meet in the Final at Wembley, and yet both teams suffered some major beating in Germany each conceding four goals. While the situation looks almost impossible for Barca, considering that they did not score away from home and how strong Bayern has been playing all year long, Real Madrid do have a slightly better shot at pulling off a major comeback at the Bernabeu tonight. We are going to get into the details of it in today’s most accurate Champions League betting pick – the Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund prediction for April 30th, 2013.

After the 4-1 loss at Dortmund, Real need a 3-0 win at home to make it to the Champions League Final, but that does not seem like a highly likely result given how the three games between these sides went this season. Interestingly enough, Real have not won a single one of those three meetings. One of the safest Real v Borussia predictions for April 30th is that the Spaniards are going to win. Bet365 is giving some nice odds on the home win here – 1.61 for a Madrid win.

real v borussia prediction

The entire world has been impressed with Borussia’s great performances in Europe this season, especially that historic 4-1 win against a side full of “stars” and build with billions of dollars. Lewandowski became the first player ever to score four goals in a single semifinal game, and we have to give credit to the young forward for being really active in the penalty area, his “fox in the box” type of mentality, the great first touch and of course his superb finishg ability. Given his impressive form lately in combination with all the other talented youngsters in this Dortmund side, it seems quite likely that they will score at least once in Spain. In light of today’s most accurate football predictions, we have to outline that Bet365 offers just 1.44 on the Both Teams to Score, which is astonishingly low. It only goes out to show that the bookies are well aware of the fact that Real are going to need more than three goals to go through as they would not be able to keep a clean sheet.

In light of today’s most accurate Champions League predictions, we have to say that the betting pick that carries the most value is on Real to actually make it to the next round. At Bet365, this type of bet is known as “To Qualify”, and the odds on the Spanish side is 5.00. We have seen plenty of incredible things happening in football, particularly in the CL, and Real still have chances. As Mourinho said, in a crazy game where his players score the majority of their chances, anything can happen, especially when you have players like Ronaldo, Higuain, Ozzil, Benzema and Di Maria. Real will be in desperation mode, and they will be looking to take the lead early on. Even if they fail to do that, everyone has seen them score 2-3 goals in the space of just 5 minutes.

Real Madrid v Borussia Prediction: Real Madrid to Win @ 1.66.

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