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9 May, 2012 Europa League Final: Atletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao Prediction

The club football tournaments are entering their final stages, with just one round to go in the major European Leagues, and the two major finals about to be played over the next ten days. As usual, the Europa League final is first, followed by the Champions League decider next Saturday. While most folks expected an All-Spanish CL final between Barca and Real, both teams got eliminated in the semis, and it’s now up to Athletic Bilbo and Atletico Madrid to defend the Spanish pride and decide the “smaller” final in the Europa League.

We are going to cut this football prediction short, and get right on the money. Our expectation is that Bilbao will triumph tonight, for several reasons. Historically speaking, this could be their first ever international title, whereas Atletico Madrid already won the competition a couple of years ago (in 2010), followed by a European Super Cup triumph against Inter. So the time is now for Bilbao to make their mark and get into the history books, while for Mardrid it’s time to lose a final.

Another factor about tonight’s most interesting football prediction is that Atletico Madrid have recorded 11 straight wins in the Europa League. That’s just crazy, and we are sure this run will end tonight. At best, they will draw the game, and lose the title in Extra Time or by penalties. The odds for a draw are quite good at 3.40. It’s worth looking at the odds for 1/X and 2/X on First Half/Full Time markets at 15.00. Another valuable bet is on Bilbao to win in Extra Time, also at 15.00.

Athletic Bilbao are not an ordinary club by any means, and they definitely deserve to triumph on the international stage. This club has rich history, established 114 years ago! They have played in the Spanish Primer Liga since it was founded back in 1929, and remain the one of only three clubs to have never been relegated. As you can probably gues, the other two are Barca and Real, so that’s quite a company to be in.

Another reason making Bilbao so uniqe is the fact they have been true to their roots and their tradition of only playing local players from the Basque community. They have never had any foreigners in their side, which is quite amazing for modern football.

Atletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao Prediction: One way or another, Bilbao are going to win this final and win the Europe League title. The odds on them to lift the trophy are locked at 2.00, so you can double your money. In terms of end result, we expect a draw, but they just might win in regular time as well.

Betting Verdict: Athletic Bilbao to Lift the Trophy @ 2.00

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