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Aug 19, 2016: Today’s Top Pick: Man United v Southampton Prediction

Now that the Premier League is underway, we can get back to bringing you top betting picks and the today’s selection is centered on this Man United v Southampton prediction for August 19th, 2016. This will be Jose Mourinho’s official Old Traffod debut, so expect a strong performance from his men. And not to forget, with his one-game suspension now over, Paul Pogba should also make his return, and it would be real interesting to see how he performs given all the high expectations that come with his price tag. This season marks the first time where fan will get a Premier League game on Friday nights and that’s nothing but great news for us all.

United went off to a pretty good start of the season. First they beat the champs Leicester in the Community Shield game by a 2:1 scoreline, and then came the 1:3 thumping of Bournemouth with Ibra scoring in both games. One has to admit that it does not take the Swede long to settle and he basically scores wherever he goes. He is an absolute goal machine. Like Mou said, age is just a number for him and at 34, he does look on top of his game. He is still has loads of goals in him, so one of our United v Southampton predictions for August 18th is for Ibrahimovic to Score At Any Time available at 1.90.


Looking at this United side, most fans have been raging about Rooney’s poor form and how he should be out of the starting lineup. A former United player went as far as saying that Rooney’s is only playing, because of marketing and he is not worthy of finishing his career there. You have to admit that he looked slow against Bournemouth, despite the goal he scored. The goal he scored was pure chance – being at the right place at the right time. He is trying to play behind Ibra in a sort of playmaking role, but that only strips the more pacey and creative Juan Mata from the touches he deserves. Things will only get trickier with Pogba’s arrival. Pogba is no good as a holding midfield. He has to play up front and that should put Rooney’s place in question and rightfully so. In our opinion, Rooney has no place in United’s starting eleven if they are to seriously content for the top spots in the league. His time is over and both the club and player need to move on their separate ways, but it seems too late for that now, and it would be interesting to see how Jose handles that situation.

Man United v Southampton Prediction: Back to the essence of our top betting pick for Friday night, Man U are of course clear favorites to win this game. The odds are stacked against the visitors as a win for the home side is offered at about 1.44, while Saints winning at Old Trafford is almost impossible, at least in our opinion. It should be an entertaining game as Mourinho would be eager to impress his new fans with some attacking football. This should lead to Over 2.5 Goals, and that’s offered by Bet365 at the odds of 1.95.

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