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Allen Iverson Inducted To The HOF

Allen Iverson has always been a controversial figure, but you either love him or hate him, you can’t be neutral to a guy a like that. One of the most talented players to ever touch a basketball got inducted to the Hall of Fame, but the haters out there would say they’ve won just the same number of titles as him – zero. Yes, he never managed to lift that Larry O’Brien trophy, but he came real close carrying an average Sixers team on his back to the 2001 NBA Finals where they logically had little to no chance against Phil Jackson, Shaq, Kobe, and a way more experienced Lakers organization.

The great thing about A.I. is that he inspired so many kids around the world to believe in themselves by showing that heart is more important then size, that you could make it in the NBA regardless of where you come from. What he lacked in size, he made up with tremendous energy, quickness, toughness and fearlessness. A four-time NBA scoring champ, eleven-time All-Star, one MVP award (2001), his regular season career scoring average of 26.7 ppg ranks sixth all-time. He made it to the Hall of Fame against great odds and obstacles, so here is a look at some of his best career plays. Enjoy!

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