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Celtics Trash Cavs In Game 2 104-86 Behind Rondo’s 19 assists!

These are the type of NBA picks that can make you the big money! The odds for Celtics to Win Game 2 were 4.25 at bwin while Cavs were at 1.3! Wow – the conclusion that you should be making here is that even the bookies are wrong at times and tend to undervalue and overvalue certain teams. The online bookmakers were totally lost when it comes to setting up the odds for Game 2. And these are exactly the type of chances that punters should be looking for all the time!

The Boston Celtics were really close to winning Game 1, but after leading with 10 points at the break the Cavs were able to get back. In Game 2 though, they were able to complete the entire mission from start to finish, and my oh my how did they trash the Cavs. It was one of the most disastrous performances by the Cavs and particularly by LeBron James who just got the MVP award the other day. Wow! Things are always connected. LeBron got the MVP award and probably got so drunk and wasted that he couldn’t tie his shoes for Game 2. Whatever the case, the end result is what matters and the Celtics completely trashed the Big Favorites for the NBA title this year as they were leading by as many as 30 points by the end of the 3rd quarter.

It was only after the break when the big upset started to materialize itself as Cleveland scored just 12 points in the entire 3rd quarter! The Celtics posted 31 in the first 12 minutes of the second half. The best player on the night was without a doubt Rajon Rondo who proved just why he is the best point guard right now with his 19 assists! It was a franchise record for the Celtics and considering they are the most historical club in the entire NBA, it speaks a lot for Rondo himself. Ray Allen added 20 points while Rasheed Wallace contributed significantly with 17. KG also had a solid game with 13 points and 10 rebounds. Towards the end of the 4rd quarter, the Celtics decided to slow their tempo and help Cavs get back into the game so that the end result wouldn’t look so ugly!

But basically, that’s how things work in the world of sports – ups and downs, smiles and cries! One day you get awarded with the MVP title, on the next you get trashed at home in a crucial Playoff game putting your entire season on the line. Should the Celtics manage to eliminate Cavs so early in the Postseason, it will be a huge blow to fans’ expectations worldwide and the bookies will make a lot of money as the biggest favorites for the title (Cavs) go down early. Now, LeBron and Co have to pick themselves up and steal at least a game in Boston (next two games are there). But considering how things have gone in the first two games of these series, it looks like a big upset is on the cards for “King James”.

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Here are Highlights from Game 2:

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