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Get Ready For Miami Thrice As The NBA Is Heat-ing Up

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NBA is surely the place where Amazing happens even in the off-season as Miami Heat is about to unleash the best trio to ever play the game of basketball. Lebron James and Chris Bosh teamed up with their mutual friend Dwayne Wade forming something that basketball fans have never seen before.

All that Heat fans wanted this summer was to keep their main man D-Wade in town, but they got much, much more than that. Few could have predicted such an outcome for the craziest free agency frenzy in the history of NBA. Pat Riley who is president of Miami Heat, was told by Wade that he will remain in the team only if they get one big signing. Well, Wade got more than what he wished or hoped for as two of his best friends decided to join him. Chris Bosh and King James will now be part of Heat’s starting five and considering how good this three players are, one of the best NBA predictions for 2010/11 is that we are about to witness some super incredible things.

NBA picks

Basketball fans in Cleveland will surely be disappointed with James’ decision but no one can blame Bron for wanting to be a part of something so special. He spent 7 years in Cleveland without winning the NBA title and people were already starting to point the finger at him saying he is not as good as everyone thought or he is not a winner. Well, he certainly is in a much better position to win his first ring wearing a  Heat uniform.

NBA predictions

Chris Bosh will play as Power Forward, while Lebron will play as a Small Forward as he normally does. Wade of course will hold the Shooting Guard position and as long as this Super-Big-Three stays healthy, it’s hard to see them not winning the title this year. Just the thought of how they will be playing next season fills basketball fans with excitement and joy.

The bookies in Las Vegas are already labeling this Heat team as the main favorite to win the NBA title next season and we certainly have to agree with this type of NBA pick. But Kobe is Kobe and he currently has what all these guys are after – the ring, and not just one but all five of them. Plus, coach Phil Jackson will remain in charge of LA Lakers for the next season, so we are in for some big battles in 2010/11.

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