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Jose Confrims Inter Exit As He Takes Charge Of Real Madrid

jose real madrid

Jose Mourinho confirmed after winning the Champions League Final that he is set to leave Inter for Real Madrid in the summer. He sees it as mission accomplished and now the “Italian Job” completed in style, he is set to take on a new adventure, this time in Spain. The Special One he stated on a number of times that he wants to become the first coach to win the Champions League three times and win the English, Italian and Spanish leagues, and now with just one to go, he will certainly fancy his chances at the Bernabue with Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka.

Here is what Mourinho said to Inter’s official website: “I feel great sadness, but now I have to be as cold as possible. History has been made here now, Inter won’t be the same as before now. The percentage of me leaving is higher than that of staying.”

He then went on to continue his comments in front of Rai TV: “I have e been really happy at Inter, not so much in Italian football for the way in which I’ve been treated. I’ll love Inter forever. I have big motivations with the risk (I am taking). This is the thing that makes me a different coach, with ambitions. Should I leave, I leave Italian football. But I thank it for what it did for me, because I’m better than when I arrived. But I want a different challenge. I’ve thought it for two or three months. Now I want a few days to think more.”

He added to Sky Italia: “Now I’m really close to choosing a new professional way. Real Madrid? For the moment I have not spoken with any of them. At Inter they have had me a lot. We won everything and there is no more to do. For the moment I’ve not met anyone, I have not signed any deal, but now I’ll see.”

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