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Kobe Bryant With Knee Problems Going Into Game 1 Vs Suns!

NBA Playoffs are all about drama and Lakers fans are starting to get plenty of it before the Western Finals have even started. Everyone’s aware of Bynum’s health issues as the young center played the entire Jazz series through injury, and now to add to these worries, it’s Lakers’ main man Kobe who is having pains in his right knee.

Bryant’s injury could turn out to be a major concern for Phil Jackson and his staff. The LA Times have learned that the player had fluid drained out of his right knee and has not even practiced in the week since their 4th win against Utah. Bynum added to the Lakers’ worries by saying his torn knee cartilage feels ‘a little worse.’

It’s hard to define who serious Bryant’s injury is right now, because he wouldn’t talk to reporters about it, so it looks like All Eyes Will be On Kobe’s Knee in Game 1.

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