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Liverpool v Aston Villa Prediction, December 11, 2021

After our winners last weekend, we kick off this one and the most accurate betting tip comes from our Liverpool v Aston Villa prediction for the match that would be played at Anfield on December 11th, 2021, at 1500 GMT. Needless to say, this game has a lot of extra spice thanks to the return of Steven Gerrard, who is now in charge of the opposition. He will receive a heroes welcome by the Anfield faithful as he is an absolute Liverpool legend, and he will surely take over the club at some point in the future. This whole intrigue makes up for a really interesting game as we bring you the best Premier League betting pick for this Saturday.

Liverpool Team News

Liverpool have been playing some brilliant football this entire season. Goals have been flowing easily for them, the defence has been solid, a lot of spark in midfield. All in all, Klopp has to be satisfied with the performances of all of his players thus far. Even in the last game, the visit to Italy against AC Milan, in a game that had absolutely zero importance for Pool in terms of qualification as they had already secured the top spot in the group, they went in, played hard and produced a solid 1:2 comeback win.

Surprisingly, Klopp decided not to spare Mane and Salah as they both played till the 64th minute when Liverpool had taken the lead. Apart from them, 7 regular starters were rotated and Liverpool were able to win despite fielding a somewhat weakened side. This speaks volumes for the quality in their squad given that they were able to beat the team leading the Italian Seria A, at their ground, in a game that mattered much more for the hosts.

An important fact for this Liverpool v Aston Villa prediction for December 11, 2021 is that the only major absentee for the home side would be Jota, but there is a small chance that he could feature.

To continue with our most accurate football predictions and betting picks, there is no doubt that Liverpool will have the majority of ball possession in this game, they will be looking to put the hammer down right from the start, attacking from left and right and the Villans will have to be super concentrated in the first ten minutes in order to avoid getting an early goal, which could put the game in a really bad direction for them. Steven Gerrard knows all too well about the effect that the fans at Anfield have on their faithful and should know how to prepare his side in order to withstand the initial push. If Aston Villa manage to keep the game tight going into the second half, then anything would be possible.

Aston Villa Team News

Villa have been playing superbly since Steve G took over as they have won three out of his first four matches. They have some really good players, and they can cause problems to any one of the top six in the Premier League. Emiliano Sanchez between the sticks is proving to be one of the best goalies in the world right now. He had a superb campaign last season and he is the current national goalkeeper for Argentina. Mings is also regularly called up in the English side, and he is paired with Konsa in central defence, another really serious defender. Matty Cash has been great on the right side and Ashely Young is enjoying a reneissance of sorts.

In midfield, Aston Villa can rely on McGinn and Buendia. The Scottsman in particular has been amazing over the past couple of years, a real hit amongst Fantasy Football players as he is regularly producing assists and goals. Douglaz Luiz is the third starting midfielder and he is a regular for the Brazilian national side, so that should say enough for his qualities.

Up front, the Villan's have got Ollie Watkins, who is a fine striker. Let's not forget that he had a hattrick against Liverpool when Aston Villa beat them 7-2 when the sides met last year on October 5th! He has proven to be able to score on Pool and Virgil Van Dijke did play in that one. One of our top betting picks in this Villa v Pool prediction is that Watkins will be paired up front with Danny Ings, who is a former Reds player, and you know how often players score against some of their past clubs.

The bigg miss that has to be accounted for in this Premier League betting pick is that of Leon Bailey. The ex-Leverkusen winger had some spectacular displays this season creating goals and assists thanks to his explosiveness. However, he has been hampered with injuries and they seem to come just when he hits his stride.

Betting Pick, Liverpool v Aston Villa Prediction

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