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NBA Betting Pick: Pacers at Sixers Prediction, November 14, 2023

The best NBA betting pick for November 14, 2023 is this Pacers at Sixers prediction. It’s the second game of the double header between these two teams. The first meeting was on Sunday when the 76ers won in a spectacular high-scoring game 137:126. The story of that game was Tyrese Maxey who dropped a career-high 50 points! Joel Embiid had almost 40 as he finished the game with 37 points with 13 rebounds and 7 assists in just 32 minutes. It does look like the Harden trade has had a positive effect on the Sixers, and they have taken a huge step forward in a different direction, and look more of a team right now. What’s interesting about this NBA betting pick is that it will count towards in the In-Season tournament, so it will feature a different court and perhaps more intense atmosphere.

Harden’s Exit – A Blessing In Disguise

Harden’s exit looks like an absolute blessing for the Sixers. The guy was (and always will be) a ball hog an absolute no-show on defense. Not to mention all the internal trouble he is causing with his constant partying and all the drama he brings. Harden is not a team player, and he has failed in all the teams he has been on. He failed in Houston where he had CP3. Then he went to Brooklyn to team up with Kyrie and KD and failed there as well. Put on another trade request to team up with another MVP player – Embiid, and failed to deliver in Philly as well. Now, the Clippers have lost four in a row since he joined, while the Sixers are on an eight game win streak.

The only downside for the Sixers is that they didn’t get much in return for Harden – Batum, Covington, KJ Martin, and Marcus Morris. Still, they look like a real team right now without all the distractions brought by James Harden. And last but not least, Harden’s exit has allowed Maxey to step into the spotlight, and he is delivering.

Examining The Previous Meeting, Pacers at Sixers 137:126

We often outline how important it is to analyze previous meetings between teams, in order to come up with the most accurate betting pick and this Pacers at Sixers prediction is no different. The previous game was an absolute scoring fest as 263 points were scored in total, which would have paid off quite nicely on the Over Total Points line. For tonight’s rematch, the bookies are expecting a similar scoring outburst as the Under/Over Total Point line is currently at 240.5.

Sunday night’s win was the eight straight for the Sixers, so they are putting that winning streak on the line. Maxey went 20 for 32 from the field to go along with five assists, seven rebounds and two blocks. A real stat sheet stuffing ball game for the guy now labelled as “The Franchise”.

Philly had 70 points in the paint, 12 more than Indiana. The other major advantage for the Sixers were the Fast Break Points – 16 compared to just 5 for the Pacers.

“We are playing together and trusting each other. It may not look like we didn’t play defense tonight, but (Indiana) plays so fast its incredible with the pace. So they are going to score a lot, but we just competed. We lowered our guard for a bit, but we had Tyrese to help close it out.”

Joel Embiid in the post game interview on Sunday

Looking at the box score, the other notable contributors for the home team were Tobias Harris with 18 points on 9/20 shooting. Melton was the only other player in double figures with 10 points, but that’s OK when you have two guys combine for 87. Bottom line is that it wasn’t a balanced attack for the Sixers as mainly two players were the difference makers for them.

A Balanced Pacers Team

The Indiana Pacers had the more balanced game, despite the loss. Obi Toppin chipped in with 14 points on just 7 shots. Myles Turner had 22 points, but just 5 rebounds. Bruce Brown had just 9 points and obviously did a poor job on the defensive end guarding Maxey, so he is a guy that the Pacers definitely need to play better tonight. Frankly speaking, it would be hard for him to do worse. The standout player for the Pacers was Tyrese Haliburton who had 25 points and 17 assists! No surprise that he is leading the league in Assists Per Game.

Looking At the Bench

The last game between these two teams on Sunday holds the key to this NBA betting pick and Pacers vs Sixers prediction in particular. It has to be noted that the away team had a way better bench production despite the loss. Buddy Hield is a legit Sixth Man of the Year candidate, and he had 16 points in just 20 minutes. Aaron Neismith looks like a transformed man, way bulkier and in great shape this year, and he had 8 points. Jalen Smith, a great backup center had 11 points. And the former Sixer T.J. McConnell had 8 points on 3/5 shooting. To sum up, the Pacers bench had 47 points, compared to just 13 points by the Philly bench.

Pacers at Sixers Prediction

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The Sixers won the last game mostly due to Maxey’s career night. However, I just can’t see Maxey having another 50 piece two nights in a row. Pacers have a much more productive bench, and they play at a super fast pace. That’s why I can see great value for a Pacers Win tonight.

Bet on Pacers To Win @ 2.85 on Money Line

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