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Real Have Already Covered Ronaldo’s 94 Million Transfer

As crazy as it may sound it appears that Real Madrid have already covered the record-breaking transfer fee they paid Man Utd for Cristiano Ronaldo. Los Blancos paid the English club around 94 million euros but have sold more than a million CR9 shirts just in the Spanish capital.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt is the best seller at Real fan shops and at their online store, and with a price of 80 euro each, you do the math. It turns out they have already made over 100 million euros as the official club store in the Bernabeu is flooded by thousands of fans on a daily basis. And that’s just the first year of his contract. On top of that, these numbers don’t account for the thousands of shirts sold through their online store and at fan shops worldwide.

Bravo, Perez! He might not be a tactical genius (and who cares about that really), but when it comes to marketing, the RM president knows his way around.

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