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Today’s Top NBA Bet: Kings at Suns Prediction

Today’s Top NBA bet comes from Arizona with the most accurate Kings at Suns prediction. The Sacramento Kings had a tough loss in OT against the Bucks a couple of nights ago, and now they have to go against the Phoenix Suns who have been on the rise lately. This promises to be a really fun to watch game with a lot of great players on both ends of the court. Who will come out on top? Find out with our top NBA betting pick for this Tuesday night, January 16, 2024.

Kings Going Through A Tough Stretch

The Sacramento Kings have been one of the most fun-to-watch teams in the NBA with their up-tempo style of basketball. Young players making dynamic plays. Great shooters. They score a lot of points with 118.2 PPG game, ranking them 8th in the league (in terms of points scored per game). The Kings play a team-oriented style of basketball as they like to share the ball, spread the wealth, and that’s proven by the fact that they rank 5th in the league in Assists Per Game with an average of 28.8 APG. Putting head coach Mike Brown in charge of the team last year has proven to be a really good move by the Kings management and the former Cavs coach has indeed been doing a very solid job.

However, after a great regular season last year when they finished 3rd in the Western Conference with a 48-34 record, the expectations were big for them this year, but they haven’t really been able to live up to them, at least till now. The Kings have not had any major injuries thus far, and perhaps the main factor has been that opposing teams have sort of adjusted, and they are no longer taking the league by surprise. Everyone is now aware of just how good the Kings are and is bringing their A-game whenever they go against them.

As things stand right now, Sacramento have a record of 23-16, which is not bad at all. Yet, it’s only good for 5th in the West. They have gone 6-4 over their last 10 games and have now lost two games in a row. These two defeats are part of their current road trip, in which they won the first two contests. This upcoming game in Phoenix concludes the trip and they head home to Sac-town afterwards.

The first of these two road losses came against the 76ers, and the Kings took a big L going down by nearly 20 points – 112:93. However, the last one came in really hard-to-take circumstances as they were defeated by Milwaukee Bucks 143:142 in Over Time, by a Damian Lillard buzzer-beating 3-point shot from the logo in the last second!

Mike Brown With An Epic Ref Rant

Kings head coach Mike Brown was ejected with 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter for arguing with the refs. After the game, he took a laptop at the press conference to showcase some of the mistakes that the refs made, in order to explain his frustrations. To be honest with you, Mike Brown was absolutely right, and the refs did sway things in favor of the Bucks. We’ve outlined in our eBook how refs can influence games, and that clearly happened here. There was a major discrepancy at the Free Throw line as the Bucks shot 19 FTs in the second half, compared to just 5 for the Kings. There was also a 5-point swing on a bad call in favor of Damian Lillard. You can watch the press conference for more details.

Payback Time After Dame Time?

Bottom line is that, and we’ve shown other examples in our eBook as well, whenever a team is mishandled by the league and the refs in a certain game, the league does its thing to “compensate” them in the next one. In other words, I would not be too surprised to see some 50/50 calls going in favor of Sacramento in the game against Phoenix tonight.

Teams Often Bounce Back After An OT Loss

My NBA betting experience over the years has shown that teams often bounce back right after a tough loss in OT or with a last-second buzzer beater. The main reason why that probably happens is that teams just get super motivated after hard loss like that, and they are just eager to get back to playing and win a game. In light of how the Kings lost in their last game, I do expect them to be super charged-up for the Suns in Phoenix tonight.

Up-And-Down Suns Looking For Consistency

The Phoenix Suns formed their version of The Big Three with KD, Booker, and Bradley Beal. But the modern-day NBA bargaining agreement makes it difficult to sustain a team like that. When you splash the cash on three big players, you have very little left for the remainder of your roster, and we are talking about 9 other players. In other words, aside from those three, the rest of the Suns squad are pretty average. In my personal opinion, these Suns are not a championship-caliber team and there is no way they will win the Larry O’Brien Trophy this year. Not to mention that a major injury on one of their Big 3 will be devastating and Beal has already missed more than half of their games.

In other words, I’m not sold on this Suns team even though they’ve won some games lately.

Kings at Suns Prediction

The Kings will be super motivated to bounce back after a tough loss in Milwaukee. The refs might give them a little push too. The Suns are inconsistent, so there is definitely LOADS OF VALUE on betting on the Kings to win here. The odds for Sacramento are at about 2.70 right now. Of course, I’m not saying go All-Out and bet your whole bank on that game, but the Kings will have a good chance of winning that game, so I’m taking it!

Bet On The Kings To Win @ 2.70 On Money Line

The Kings actually lost the game 117:119 in absurd fashion after having a 20-point lead in the 4th quarter, but that actually counts as WIN as bookies such as Bet365 (which we recommend in our eBook, and that’s one of the reasons why) pay off NBA bets when your team takes a 20-point lead.

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