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Ludacris – Devin Harris

Now, we all know that rappers wanna be ballers and ballers wanna be rappers, so here is one pretty good connection between the two as Ludacris looks a lot like NBA player Devin Harris.

Worf – Lescott

look alikes

There is definitely something freaky about Manchester City’s defender Joleon Lescott. Could he be the footballing version of Worf from Star Wars? It certainly looks like it.

Dr. House – David Moyes

best betting picks

It turns out that Premier League football and Hollywood movies have a lot in common as David Moyes might even step in Hugh Laurie shoes to play the role of Doctor House!

Massimo Moratti – The Joker

Moratti the Joker

Massimo Moratti finally made his childhood dream come true by winning the Champions League after investing hundreds of millions in Inter. Congrats to him, but we can’t deny he looks a bit like Jack Nicholson playing The Joker in Batman.

Sergio Ramos – Shaun White

Hey! Real Madrid’s right back and one of the world’s best snowboarders. They look just like brothers, or sisters to be more exact.

Nani – Michael Jackson “Thriller”

Wow! Nani and Micheal Jackson from the “Thriller” video.  They look almost identical, don’t you agree? Nani is having a thrilling season filling Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoes and he might even try to fill MJ’s shoes as well.

Dirk Kayt – The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Wow!!! Now that’s what we call Look-A-Likes. All jokes aside, but it kinda makes you think if the guys at Disney didn’t use the dutch for inspiration, literally.

Mario Melchiot – Friday Man

We all know that Wigan’s defender Mario Melchiot is a serious type of fella throwing tackles sharp as axes all over the place. But who would have thought he would have a clone like that. Or perhaps he was the one playing Friday Man with Pierce Brosnan in the “Robinson Crusoe” movie? What are your […]

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