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Where is Kaka?

Where is Kaka? That was the question on people’s mind while watching the Barca – Real derby last Sunday. The Brazilian has not featured in the Real lineup since the club got eliminated by Lion in the Champions League on the 10th of March. He was substituted in the final minutes of that game and as the went off he clearly showed his anger with the coach’s decision. There is definitely something wrong between Kaka and Real’s coach Manuel Pelegrini and although the official statement is that the player is recovering from an injury in his native country, it certainly looks like a “coach injury” in that case.

Kaka probably got so mad by not being given the chance to help his team in the crucial minutes of their most important game of the season that he decided to pack his bags and take a vacation. After all, he came to Real for more Champions League glory and yet the capital club got eliminated right after the group stages for the fifth consecutive season.

It has been 35 days since Kaka last trained with his teammates in Real Madrid and Florentino Perez is now questioning the loyalty of his super-expensive summer signing as he is accuising him of resting for the World Cup in Africa. Whether Kaka returns to Real for the next season is something that remains in serious doubt right now.

Who does Kaka belong to – Brazil, Real or Jesus? What are your thoughts?

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